What We Offer

Creating, Innovating and Developing

At Takeback Studios we aim to assure the utmost experience with our clients. Making games is what gets us up in the morning and every opportunity we receive to bring ideas to life is what we do best.

No matter what the project is or long it may be, we strive to create the products custom for your needs. We are determined to producing to the best of our abilities and will always make sure you are fully satisfied with our results. Its our passion and we love attention to detail.


Plans and Offers

Full Game

Do you require a game to be build from scratch, or need assistance completing a project in the works? Well we are here and we will be happy to help. Our professionals can provide assistance in a variety of areas. 

Our current supported game engine is: 

  1. Unity

Audio Composing

Every great game needs great audio, this is one of the most important part to the puzzle, that brings projects to life and drops the player into your world. 

Our current supported software:

  1. Cubase
  2. Logic Pro

3D Models

We all know visuals are also a major factor for games and we can produce anything from characters, to the environment and generic objects. We can bring a whole different look and feel to any game. 

Our current supported modelling software is:

  1. Blender
  2. ZBrush
  3. Substance Painter
  4. Substance Designer


The final peace to the puzzle is programming we can offer our services to implementing the code that ties everything together 

Our current supported languages are:

  1. C#
  2. Java 

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